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May 4, 2015

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Help Save Young Black Men

WATCH: 'King James' and the Cavaliers Meet the Chicago Bulls in NBA Playoffs;
Michael Jordan Will Always be the King of Basketball (Do You Remember "The Shot"?)

Craig Ehlo has told LeBron James, "Michael will always be the better player."

Baltimore Sees Spike in Unrelated Crime and Violence as Freddie Gray Unrest Continues

Man Shot in Baltimore During Protest on Monday; Police Officer Reportedly Involved; 'Angry' Crowd Dispersed with Pepper Spray

Tony Evans and Lutishia Lovely Top May 2015 BCNN1/BCBC National Bestsellers List

64th Annual National Day of Prayer Expected to Be Largest Ever With More Than 43,000 Prayer Gatherings

President Obama Announces Expansion of "My Brother’s Keeper" Program

Watch President Obama's announcement on BCNN3.TV

Ben Carson Officially Announces Candidacy for President

Click here to watch the video of the announcement on BCNN3.TV

Where Is the Outrage, the Anger, and the Protests When a White Police Officer Is Shot by a Black Man?

Former HP Executive Carly Fiorina Enters 2016 Presidential Race

First Saudi-trained Ground Troops Reportedly Join Military Offensive in Yemen

LISTEN: Living in the Days of Noah and Lot, Part 3

Pilgrim's Progress According to the Bible #37 with Daniel Whyte III
Gospel Light House of Prayer International

WATCH LIVE ON BCNN3.TV: Baltimore Curfew Lifted, Governor Calls for 'Day of Prayer and Peace'

Relief in Baltimore After Curfew is Lifted; National Guard to Begin Withdrawing; Hundreds Pray for God to 'Change the City'

We Tried to Warn You: Poll Shows 96% of Americans Believe There Will Be More Race Riots This Summer

What Should You Do When Your Ministry Honeymoon Wears Off?

What Will the Ancient and Emerging Church Look Like?

WATCH: Jordan's King Abdullah II says the Fight Against ISIS Is "World War III"

Don't Become an Iceberg Pastor

LISTEN: Israel in the End Times (Part 8)

Second Coming Chapel with Daniel Whyte III

Barry Black, Suzan Johnson Cook, James Lankford and More Leaders Pray for the 'Troubled Nation' of America, the Persecuted and Baltimore at U.S. Capitol's Statuary Hall

The Faith of Black America Is Being Tested After Recent Killings of Black Men

Indiana Pastors Rebuke Mike Pence, GOP Leaders for 'Betrayal' of Signing Religious Freedom Restoration Act 'Fix'

Josie Harris On Life with Floyd Mayweather: ‘I Was a Battered Woman’

Floyd Mayweather Defeats Manny Pacquiao, Remains Undefeated

Should Christian Men, Who Are Against Men Hitting Women, Pay to Watch Floyd Mayweather Fight and Root for Him?

Mugshots of 6 Police Officers Arrested in Freddie Gray Case Released

Experts say the Prompt Move to Charge Six Baltimore Police Officers Indicates Strong Evidence

Mayor Lifts Curfew in Baltimore
Freddie Gray's Death Ruled a Homicide; 6 Baltimore Police Officers Charged
Police Sergeant in Baltimore Warns Officers that ‘It Is About to Get Ugly’
Jeb Bush says he ‘Trusts the Process’ on Baltimore Police Charges but ‘We Need to have a National Conversation’
Speaker John Boehner Calls Tension Between Blacks and Law Enforcement ‘a National Crisis’
WATCH: Baltimore Bishop Angel Nunez Says State Attorney Marilyn J. Mosby Is a Practicing Christian Who Loves the Lord and Believes God Has Her In This Position for a Reason
Baltimore Residents Praise Decision to Charge Officers in Freddie Gray’s Death
Medical Experts to Attempt to Determine how Freddie Gray’s Neck Was Injured
Despite Calm and Seeming Peace, Baltimore Curfew Continues
Top Baltimore City Police Officer, Lt. Brian Rice, Who Was Suspended Following Freddie Gray’s Death Was Hospitalized in 2012 Over Mental Health Concerns
Baltimore’s Chief Prosecutor, Marilyn Mosby, Faces Huge Test Just 120 Days Into New Job
WATCH: Baltimore State's Attorney Announces Charges in Homicide of Freddie Gray
State's Attorney Says She Will Not Turn Freddie Gray Case Over to Special Prosecutor
Jamal Bryant says, "Black America we have a right to celebrate...marching makes a difference! Baltimore this is not the end... it's the beginning! We still must fight to change the system and demand jobs!" Calls Marilyn Mosby 'our generation's Thurgood Marshall.' Will hold rally at Baltimore City Jail at 3pm EST.
Police Union: 6 Officers Aren't Responsible for Freddie Gray's Death, Were Diligent in Case
Charging six cops for a prisoner’s death is extraordinary. But only one-third of accused cops are convicted.
Police officer in Freddie Gray arrest once hospitalized over mental health
Man who filmed Freddie Gray video arrested at gunpoint
Freddie Gray Is Not Trayvon Martin or Michael Brown
Prosecutor in Freddie Gray case has talked of need to 'repair' trust
Meet Baltimore State’s Attorney Marilyn J. Mosby — the Youngest Top Prosecutor of Any Major City in America
Friend of Officer Who Drove Freddie Gray Reveals What He Thinks May Have Caused Gray's Injuries

Nigeria Claims Rescue of Nearly 300 Women and Girls from Boko Haram Stronghold

More Women and Children Reportedly Rescued From Islamic Extremists in Nigeria

How Black and White Evangelical Churches Can Save Black America in One Weekend

In Defense of the Mother Who Gave her Son a Good, Old-Fashioned Butt-Whipping in Baltimore

LISTEN: Fighting Satan's Strongholds Through Prayer and Fasting, Part 3

Praying Through the Bible #138 with Daniel Whyte III
Gospel Light House of Prayer International

At Reconciled Church Event, T.D. Jakes Issues Warning to America: Says, 'Country is On a Plane Going Down'

'I speak to you as a flight attendant on a plane going down. If we don't pull up fast, America will crash.'

WATCH: T.D. Jakes Talks About How Businesses Can Help Improve Underserved Communities

In Interview with Steve Harvey, President Obama Hints he May Go to Baltimore; Urges Police to Build Trust With Black Communities

WATCH: Jamal Bryant Rebukes President Obama and Baltimore Mayor for Calling Young People 'Thugs' and 'Criminals'; Says It's Just Like Calling Them 'Niggers'
WATCH: Is COGIC Minister, Rev. Johnathan Gentry, the Martin Luther King Jr. of Our Time?

Southern Baptist Seminary Leaders Concerned Supreme Court Marriage Decision Could Threaten Their Schools

Christian Leaders Across America Threaten Civil Disobedience If Supreme Court Legalizes Homosexual Marriage: “We Will Not Obey”
With Much Prayer, Churches Brace for Supreme Court's Homosexual Marriage Ruling
Christians Across America Pray for Supreme Court Justices to Make Right Decision and Uphold Traditional Definition of Marriage
Expect to See More Challenges to the Christian Florists, Bakers, and Pizza Crust Makers After the Supreme Court’s Marriage Decision
“It is Going to Be an Issue” — Albert Mohler on the Supreme Court, Homosexual Marriage and Religious Liberty
Russell Moore’s Reflections from the Supreme Court Sidewalk
The Supreme Court and Why Marriage Matters
Listen to the Arguments Presented Before the Supreme Court on Homosexual Marriage
Religious Leaders Want Justices Who Have Officiated at Homosexual Weddings to Be Recused from Arguments
Will Justice Kennedy Discard Definition of Marriage
Demonstrators Clash Outside Supreme Court
Supreme Court Justices Divided Over Homosexual Marriage Arguments
WATCH LIVE: C-Span Coverage of What's Happening Outside the Supreme Court (Click the "Watch this program from the beginning" link above the video screen to watch the entire broadcast.)
Samuel Rodriguez, Tony Perkins, Russell Moore, Mike Huckabee Divided as to How Evangelicals Will Respond to Supreme Court’s Marriage Decision
Many Observers Expect Supreme Court Justices to Rule In Favor of Homosexual Marriage; Christians Called to Pray
Ronnie Floyd on Preparing SBC Churches for the Supreme Court’s Marriage Decision
Religious Conservatives Hope the Supreme Court Will Handle Homosexual Marriage Like Other Nations Have
Nearly 150 Amicus Briefs Filed In Same-Sex-Marriage Cases
Wall Street Journal Live Blog: Homosexual Marriage Arguments at Supreme Court
Pro-Traditional Marriage and Pro-Homosexual Marriage Supporters Keep Behavior Civil Outside Supreme Court
Supreme Court Hears Homosexual Marriage Arguments Today, But Decision Isn’t Expected Until Late June
New York Times Live Blogging Supreme Court Proceedings on Homosexual Marriage
Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Reportedly Already Made Up her Mind
A Single Decision Likely to Cover Four Cases
Same-Sex Marriage Becoming a Complicated Issue for Republicans

WATCH: Thousands of Traditional Marriage Supporters March on Washington Ahead of Supreme Court Hearing on Homosexual Marriage

Organizers Say 10,000 People, Mostly African-Americans and Hispanics, Turned Out for March for Marriage
Thousands March In Hopes that Supreme Court Will Leave Decisions Regarding Marriage Up to the Church
Meet the Speakers and Special Guests for the Marriage March 2015

Governor Larry Hogan Calls for "Day of Prayer and Peace"

New York City, Boston, Ferguson, Los Angeles, Washington DC, Oakland, Chicago, and others

Single Baltimore Mother of 6, Who Publicly Punished her Rioting Son In the Street, Says 'I Don't Want him to be Another Freddie Gray'

President Obama says incidents between police officers and African-Americans have been a "slow-rolling crisis" that has been going on for decades. "We as a country have to do some soul-searching."

WATCH: In Our Humble Opinion, Baltimore and Cities Across America Need More Parents Like This One Who Saw her Son Taking Part in the Looting and Violence in the Street and Publicly Whipped his Behind

What is happening in Baltimore and what has happened in other cities in recent months is not just a government problem or a clergy problem, this is a parent problem. We need more mothers and fathers taking responsibility for their children and intentionally raising them in the way they should go so that we will not see ridiculous episodes like we saw in Ferguson and like we are seeing now in Baltimore. Also, not only is there a "digital divide" between blacks and whites in this country, but there is certainly a "digital divide" between young black people and their parents. Parents must become actively involved in their children's lives and be aware of what their children are doing and communicating about on social media.

Here is a thought: Let's have a mass butt-whipping day. Let's gather together thousands of strong Christian black men and women who are old-school (50 years of age or above), have them to dawn a black ski mask, grab a rod of correction, and if they see any young people in the street looting or committing acts of violence, walk up on them, say "I know you" and start whipping their behinds. It's just a thought. But here is the real truth from the Word of God:

Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it. -Proverbs 22:6

Thou shalt beat him with the rod, and shalt deliver his soul from hell. -Proverbs 23:14

The rod and reproof give wisdom: but a child left to himself bringeth his mother to shame. -Proverbs 29:15

Chasten thy son while there is hope, and let not thy soul spare for his crying. -Proverbs 19:18

Foolishness is bound in the heart of a child; but the rod of correction shall drive it far from him. -Proverbs 22:15

Correct thy son, and he shall give thee rest; yea, he shall give delight unto thy soul. -Proverbs 29:17

Withhold not correction from the child: for if thou beatest him with the rod, he shall not die. -Proverbs 29:15

He that spareth his rod hateth his son: but he that loveth him chasteneth him betimes. -Proverbs 13:24

Watch Full Video from Funeral Service for Freddie Gray

LISTEN: Principles of Non-Violence, Part 1 (The Man in the Mirror #22 with Daniel Whyte III)

Visit to See What the Church and the Community is Doing to Put An End to the Violence

What Churches and People Are Doing to Bring Peace, Calm, and Order to Baltimore

LISTEN: Principles of Non-Violence, Part 1 (The Man in the Mirror Podcast #22 with Daniel Whyte III)
Visit to see what churches in Baltimore and the community are doing to put an end to the violence
Jamal Bryant opens up Empowerment Temple for city's high schoolers; Will lead teens to clean up the streets later today
City-wide town hall meeting to be held at 7:30 pm at Empowerment Temple in Baltimore
28 Moments That Show Another Side Of The Baltimore Riots
• Community crews begin clean-up operations in areas affected by rioting and looting
WATCH: Vietnam Veteran Tells Baltimore Rioters to Go Home and Study
Ray Lewis and Carmelo Anthony speak out against violence in Baltimore

LISTEN: Dr. Tony Evans Speaks About His Hometown of Baltimore, Maryland
Tony Evans Praying for Peace and Healing In His Hometown of Baltimore
WATCH: Baltimore Mayor, Al Sharpton, and Other Leaders Hold Summit on Improving Relations Between Police and the Community
WATCH: Al Sharpton Blocks Fox News Reporter from Questioning Baltimore Mayor
Police Source says Baltimore Mayor Gave Cops Order to Stand Down as Riots Broke Out on Monday
After Riots in Baltimore, Protesters and Police Ensure Peace; Schools Re-Open on Wednesday Morning
Thousands of National Guardsmen Brace for Nightfall in Baltimore; Orioles Game Cancelled
Analysis of Social Media Chatter Suggests 'Professional Protesters' (Read: Anarchists) Involved in Ferguson Violence Are Now Involved in Baltimore
WATCH: President Obama's Comments on the Situation in Baltimore
WATCH: Rev. Jamal Bryant Speaks Out About the Violence in Baltimore on Tuesday Morning
WATCH: Obama and Lynch Pledge Support for Baltimore, Freddie Gray Investigation
Iran's Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Khamenei, says 'It's Ridiculous that Even Though U.S. President is Black, Still There are Such Crimes Against American Blacks'
Is Jamal Bryant Taking Up the Mantle as the Leader of the "Social Gospel Movement" from Al Sharpton?
"Get Your Black Self Up and Change this City" --Jamal Bryant
LISTEN: Jamal Bryant on Riots: 'I Don't Think It Was Outsiders... It Was Residents Right Here in Baltimore'
Donald Trump says 'Our Great Black President Hasn't Had a Positive Impact on These Thugs'
Baltimore burns: Firefighters work hard to put out fires
Baltimore awakes to devastation
Mother filmed slapping son for taking part in violence
Schools closed on Tuesday, Transit authority bypasses several stations and bus stop due to rioting and police activity
Jamal Bryant will meet with young people today since there is no school and will train them in non-violent protests.
Jamal Bryant will host a town hall meeting with the people of Baltimore
Okay, Black Baltimore Leadership, All This Attacking Police, Looting, and Burning is Totally Uncalled for and You Need to Stop it Immediately
This foolishness is proving more and more to Americans with cooler heads that some of this protesting is not done by people from Baltimore but by outside forces trying to start a race war. Some are saying that violent protesters are being paid to start a race riot in order to distract Americans from other issues.
National Guard Activated in Response to Violence in Baltimore; Governor Larry Hogan Declares a State of Emergency
PHOTOS: Parts of Baltimore Turning Into 'War Zone'
WATCH: Parts of Baltimore Turning Into 'War Zone'
Home for the elderly built by Southern Baptist Church burned to the ground
Alveda King says MLK would be 'heartbroken'
Martin O'Malley cancels Ireland speeches to return to Baltimore
Maryland National Guard activated by governor
Rioters attack police unprovoked
U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch Condemns 'Senseless Acts of Violence' in Baltimore
Orioles VP Angelos Makes Profound Statement Following Baltimore Protests
• Looting goes on despite curfew
• President Obama Speaks with Baltimore Mayor; Curfew Set in City
• Baltimore Mayor says 'This is idiotic'; City Council President says he's 'pissed off'
• Baltimore Police Urge Parents to Find Their Children and Take Them Home
WATCH: Black Man Defends Police Against Mob of Protesters
Southern Baptist Church holds Youth Day on yesterday; Pastor Donte Hickman asks church to help him clear the streets
Twitter Explodes with Calls to Stop the Violence, Prayer for Baltimore - #BaltimoreRiots
WATCH: Man Punctures Hose as Firefighters Attempt to Stop CVS Burning
Baltimore Mayor: City Being 'Destroyed By Thugs In A Senseless Way'
Over a Dozen Police Officers Injured
Obama and Lynch Hold Private Meeting Over What to Do About Baltimore
Ridiculous - Chips, Sweet Tea, Toilet Paper Stolen from Local Store
'The Wire' Creator, David Simon to Baltimore Rioters: "Turn Around. Go Home. Please."
Gang Attacks on White Police Officers to Spread
WATCH: Rioters Threaten Anybody Who Is Not African-American
Russell Moore: Baltimore Needs the Church Now More Than Ever
Orioles Game Postponed Amid Violence Downtown
LIVE Updates from Baltimore Sun
CVS Store looted; ACE Cash Express vandalized; Police vehicles set on fire; Crips gang members on the street; State troopers sent in to Baltimore; Police attacked with rocks, bricks, and bottles
Baltimore Police say They Have Received 'Credible Threats' from Gangs Planning to 'Take Out' Officers
Riots, More Protests Break Out After Freddie Gray's Funeral –- 7 Officers Injured, 1 Unresponsive
Al Sharpton to visit Baltimore, seek answers in Freddie Gray's death; Plans 2-day march to Washington D.C. from Baltimore
WATCH: Strangely, Baltimore Mayor Says She Gave Protestors 'Space' to Destroy PropertyTeens threaten to enact 'The Purge' horror movie amid Baltimore chaos
WATCH: Baltimore Mayor Addresses Violent Protests; Says, 'Now is a Time for Calm, Peace, and Prayer'
WATCH: Video from Freddie Gray Protests in Baltimore
Baltimore Is Beginning to Look a Lot Like Ferguson...Massive Protests, Police Cars Smashed, Shop Windows Destroyed, Police Attacked with Bottles and Trash Cans
Protesters Vow to 'Shut Down' Baltimore Over Death of Freddie Gray

Death Toll From Nepal Earthquake Rises to 6,134; Nearly 14,000 People Injured

Death Toll in Nepal Quake Exceeds 5,000; Food, Water, Communication, and Medical Care Hard to Come By in Remote Villages
UN says 8 Million People Have Been Affected by Nepal Quake; Death Toll Nears 4,400
Death Toll From Nepal Earthquake Over 4,000 as Devastated Villages Bury Their Dead
Pope Francis Leads Prayers for Nepal Quake Victims; Urges World to Send Aid
Germany and France Send Rescue Teams to Quake-Stricken Nepal
Israel Sends Planes to Rescue its Citizens from Nepal After Earthquake
Aid Begins Arriving in Devastated Nepal as Strong Aftershocks Jolt Region
Experts Gathered in Nepal One Week Ago to Determine What to Do in Case of an Earthquake
Hundreds dead in Nepal, Tibet, Bangladesh, and India; villages wiped out
Scenes of panic as quake hits near Nepal's capital
Google Executive, Dan Fredinburg, Killed in Nepal Earthquake
AFP: Live Updates...
USGS earthquake map
The world's strongest earthquakes since 1900



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10 of the White and Brown MLKs of Our Time
On Being Saved in Black America
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